Author: Daniel Williams


Demonstrate Your Charm And Sexuality With Trendy Jeans Every Day!

Today's generation of young people consider jeans to be extremely fashionable and trendy articles of clothing, but few of them really know that these items were stylish not always: and even were clothing for the working class of people. The major advantages f these pieces of clothing include strong and durable material, comfort and convenience of wearing. And it's true to say that workers enjoyed wearing jeans to accomplish their job responsibilities. Jeans didn't only perfectly fit the man's figure, but were extremely durable and strong, look

This was many years ago, but, nowadays, jeans have become more common pieces of clothing. Another advantage of jeans is that they can be worn during the whole year - in summer and winter. They are even sometimes called "wild clothing of the first." Jeans are made of high-quality fabric and have excellent color shades. It may seem really strange but jeans can work real magic - fat people look thinner wearing jeans while thin people become much more sexier in well-chosen jeans.

The contemporary market offers a great variety of jeans of various models, styles, designs and colors. Thus, there are jeans specially designed for women and girls, as well as those meant for men and boys. No matter what model of jeans you're purchasing it's unique and stylish, however while choosing a proper shape and color of jeans it's important to consider your figure, season, type of occasions you're going to wear these jeans for. As there's such a wide choice of jeans nowadays, there're different characteristic features of jeans. Unfortunately, few people know how to make jeans look on you really charming and sexy. Well, there's a number of to do so depending on the type of jeans you have.

Small trousers jeans

This type of jeans is very loved by people of all ages nowadays. And elastic-type jeans are considered to be very fashionable and even somewhat avant-garde jeans. In order to emphasize your style wearing this type of jeans it's recommended to combine it with the boots, high-top shoes, high-top leather shoes, or high-top travel shoes.

Horn jeans

If you like horn jeans it's recommended to choose the jeans enveloping the ankle. It's very nice to combine such jeans with low-tip-type shoes and you'll have a perfect look.

Dark jeans

If you prefer wearing jeans of dark colors such as black or dark brown or dark blue jeans, it's advised to combine them with a pair of black or brown shoes. These can be casual shoes or sports shoes. However, wearing the jeans of light colors, try to match them with light colored shoes. You can choose the shoes of some contrast color but this color should be present on other piece of clothing worn on you as well as on accessories such as a bag, a tie, etc.

Straight jeans

Straight jeans have a peculiarity to make a person look thinner. They will look just marvelous in combination with canvas shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, and leather shoes. You should also remember that it's recommended to choose the leather shoes of a round or bulk type.

Experiment With Different Types Of Jeans

Unfortunately, the greater number of people prefer to wear some definite style of jeans, but life becomes too boring if a person always wears the same clothes or the clothes of the same colors and styles. Don't be afraid to experiment with the styles of jeans and you'll see how different your individuality may be. However, choosing the best suitable jeans requires thorough attention and sometimes the help of other people - your relatives or friends - who would advise you as for the best style of jeans especially for you.

It's a true fact that the jeans are able to emphasize the advantages of your figure and to hide possible drawbacks of it, or on the contrary they can accentuate people's attention on not very attractive zones of your figure. But how should a person choose the appropriate shape and style of jeans? Let's give a few examples. A woman with wide hip bones is recommended to avoid narrow leg jeans, as they will make her legs visually even fatter. So, it's better to choose the jeans widening down, they will harmonize this type of figure.

Slim women can wear a much wider range of jeans than bigger women, as they will look beautiful in any type of jeans. A woman with short legs however should avoid five-pants. It's also recommended not to wear denim shorts for women with too thin legs. Blue and black jeans are always classic and can be worn for almost any occasion.