Author: Daniel Williams


Small Bathroom Design - Making Small Spaces Feel Roomy

There is no great difference between small bathroom designs and any sized bathroom. Many of the same concepts are used that are being basic. In order to use affectively the space of small bathroom, there are some tricks of the trade for applying.

In order to create the illusion of a bigger room, there exist some strategies and rules, considered to be basic. Those universal rules can be applied anywhere. Try to keep your room clean in all senses of this word. If you can see more floor space and less clutter around the room, it will make your bathroom larger and airier. One more popular trick lies in decorating and using design elements that will surely draw a person's eye apply. It will definitely be a creator of the illusion of a bigger space. Don't forget about glass and mirrors! This is an important element in design. Wood and porcelain can soon become a piece of clutter taking too much space, so pay more attention to the elements made from mirrors and glass. To make your room seem homier, there are many touches that you can add. So, don't worry to see your room too stark and antiseptic. There are some elements, adding the feeling of warmth. As an example, you may place wicker baskets and small live, or put artificial plants on the shelves and into the corners.

Exist many different elements to get more floor space. So, we are sharing another trick with you. When replacing your “telephone booth” style shower stall with a corner unit made of clear glass and having a curved door, your bathroom will look like bigger. Even this small change, by freeing up a grand total of one or two square feet of flooring, will make the room visually much bigger in size than it was before. And this is all because of glass. When you get rid of your combination vanity cupboard and sink, replacing it with a freestanding pedestal sink or even a corner sink, attaching directly to the walls, you will also keep more free space.

The sink that attaches to the walls can have the plumbing redirected behind the drywall. And this fact creates the illusion of even more room.

The wall covering and color is not less important thing in the small bathroom design. So, while choosing both of them, try to pay more attention. There are some wallpapers and tiles that will make your room feel as it is crowding it on you. Be sure to avoid heavily patterned wallpapers. Lighter colors have more positive effects on you than the dark ones. It is better to use large ceramic or stone tiles rather than small ones. If it is possible try to tile all the way from floor to ceiling to create an illusion of more height.

It is better to choose bright lighting in the bathroom rather than the dark. Try to install it on a dimmer switch which will give you the luxury of having bright lights when you really need them. All the rest time you may use the other set of lighting.

What concerns to the mirror - it is better to choose seamless and not too heavily framed. If the mirror is decorated in large wooden or metal frame, it may overpower the bathroom.

All those small design techniques will garner you a few extra square feet, but the room will feel as if it has been magically refashioned into a much bigger bathroom.